Date Commodity Buy/Sell Price Target Result Gain/Loss Entry Time Exit Time
31-10-2023 Crude Oil sell 6900 6830

Target Done

70 points 1:09PM 5:12PM
18-10-2023 Crude Oil buy 7290 7360

Target Done

70 points 2:35pm 2:56pm
17-10-2023 Crude Oil sell 7215 7150

Target Done

65 points 1:50pm 9:03pm
17-10-2023 Crude Oil sell 7210 7140

Target Done

70 point 1:50pm 9:03pm
16-10-2023 Crude Oil buy 7295 7365

Exit in Profit

70 point 3:24pm 5:53pm
09-10-2023 Crude Oil buy 7120 7190

Target Done

70 points 2:03pm 4:15pm
04-10-2023 Crude Oil sell 7295 7235

Target Done

70 points 5:49pm 7:05pm
03-10-2023 Crude Oil sell 7330 7265


70 points 11:27am 7:19pm

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